Being the leading specialist in the payment Industry, AGES is able to create a robust and safe environment for blockchain transactions to take place.

Securing blockchain based on payment industry security practices.

The usage of multi-seed key management methodology is very common with block chain key management implementations. Algorithms such as the Shamir’s Secret Sharing Algorithm is found to be used in many key management solutions pertaining to block chain. These have been implemented in many variations with some using certain forms of hardware security modules (HSM) and even cloud management. In comparison to the stringent key management practices used in the payment, banking and even defense industries, key management practices in block chain industry may require a drastic overhaul to address various risk factors.

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ICOs, Crypto Custody Services, Enterprises with High Volume of Crypto Blockchain, Mining Enterprises, Digital Ledger Implementations, and many more …

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Key Management For Block Chain (KMS BC)

We offer an in-house key management & blockchain based e wallet solution based on payment industry security practices, made up of distinct modules that can be operated separately and is scalable to meet industry requirements.

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Speak to our experts today to find out more on how KMS BC solution is able to support blockchain applications and also the comprehensive range of digital security and cryptography trainings and workshops made available for your team.

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