AGES offer network penetration testing & vulnerability assessment service for enterprises to protect against unauthorized access to their network.

Network penetration testing and vulnerability assessment services have become an essential need to assure a well-guarded IT infrastructure and systems.

Areas of security assessment which we cover are:

  • Remote access testing
  • Web application code reviews
  • Databases access review and hardening
  • Social engineering
  • Internal and external network testing
  • Web applications testing
  • Mobile devices and server hardening
  • Wireless networks scanning

AGES is committed to the successful completion of your compliance assessment needs by certifying bodies and program owners.

AGES assessors are qualified experts with a wealth of experience across different specialisations.

All AGES assessment services will only be conducted by accredited professionals in the industry.

Relevant assessment records and evidence will also be securely retained for the duration in compliance with assessment safe-keeping requirements.

AGES commits that all assessment services will adhere to the general business code of ethics and the highest possible standards of integrity and professionalism.