PCI Card Production Security Assessment

Entities involved in physical and logical security activities associated with card production and provisioning are required to comply to Payment Card Industry (PCI) Card Production and Provisioning requirements. AGES is the only Asian owned company accredited by the various payment brands (MasterCard Incorporated, Visa Inc., American Express Company and UnionPay) to conduct security audits to meet the payment industry compliance standards.

Areas of security assessment which we cover are:

  • Manufacturing,
  • Personalisation,
  • Pre-personalisation,
  • Data Preparation,
  • PIN distribution,
  • Mobile provisioning,
  • Trusted Service Manager (TSM),
  • Host Card Emulation (HCE),
  • Remote Administration.

Who is this for?

Entities involved in card production and provisioning, including payment card manufacturers, personalizers, prepersonalizers, chip embedders, data-preparation, and fulfillment.

Services Consultancy

AGES observed the increasing need for a certification specialist to continuously support the changing demands of this industry and have designed several straight forward and easy to follow modularised solution services packages for vendors, banks, bureaus to systems integrators in closely guided packages towards a successful migration. These modularised packages cover from security audits, card manufacturing, chip embedding, personalisation and initialisation, data preparations to plant logistics, and include all physical and logical security aspects. The consultants in AGES were brought in to fill this gap and to ensure compliance to security requirements.

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